Living in the Sunshine State means year-round outdoor adventures like hunting, paddleboarding, fishing, surfing, kayaking and cycling. It’s essential to have stylish sunglasses that provide protection from the sun and elevate your overall look. That’s why we’re here to discuss the latest trends in sunglasses for both men and women.

Hagan Coastal Outfitters stocks a wide selection of stylish shades from popular brands like Bajio, Smith Optics, Costa, and Maui Jim. From classic to contemporary, there’s something for everyone. We take pride in offering reputable sunglasses brands that stand out for their craftsmanship and durability. Stop by your local Hagan Coastal Outfitters location to shop for new summer shades!

Latest Sunglasses Trends for Men

Sunglasses for men have evolved far beyond their functional appeal, becoming an essential fashion accessory. The latest trends strike a balance between suave and sporty, giving you the perfect accessory for your Florida adventures, whether you’re out fishing, hiking, or simply lounging by the beach.

Costa sunglasses
Costa sunglasses display in store

Trend Overview

For the fashion-forward man, the sunglasses landscape now offers a myriad of exciting trends. The timeless allure of classic aviators never fades, while clubmaster sunglasses present an attractive blend of retro and modern. Round sunglasses, reminiscent of the rock ‘n roll era, continue to make a strong comeback as a popular choice for men seeking a bold, vintage-inspired look. On the more contemporary end, sports sunglasses with wraparound frames provide ample protection and a futuristic aesthetic.

Stylish Protection for Outdoor Activities

Each of these on-trend styles offers more than just a style boost; they also provide vital protection from the bright Florida sun. Whether you’re barbecuing by the beach, cycling down the coastline, or simply taking a leisurely walk, these sunglasses trends come with lenses that shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, all while making a fashion statement.

Oakley sunglasses
Oakley sunglasses

Popular Brands at Hagan Coastal Outfitters for Men

At Hagan Coastal Outfitters, we stock a range of sunglasses from top brands trusted by men worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of Costa’s sporty designs or love the eco-conscious ethos of Bajio, our collection has something for everyone. Whatever your preference, we’re here to help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses to elevate your look and protect your eyes.

Fashionable Sunglasses Trends for Women

Fashion in sunglasses for women is about merging style and functionality. The latest trends are a testament to this, offering a mixture of timeless classics and modern chic perfect for any Florida outing.

Trend Overview

Women’s sunglasses trends are diverse, ranging from oversized, glamorous frames inspired by Hollywood’s golden era to more modern, geometric designs. Cat-eye frames continue to permeate the fashion scene with their elegant, retro vibe, while heart-shaped sunglasses add a fun, quirky twist to any outfit. For those who prefer a more understated look, rimless and semi-rimless designs offer minimalist appeal.

Smith Optics logo and products available
Smith sunglasses
Smith fishing promotional photo

Stylish and Safe Outdoor Activities

Each pair of sunglasses from these popular trends combines style with function. They’re designed with UV-protective lenses that shield your eyes from harmful sunlight. These sunglasses not only level up your outfits but also ensure your eyes stay safe from the harsh Florida sun.

Popular Brands at Hagan Coastal Outfitters for Women

Hagan Coastal Outfitters stocks a variety of sunglasses from leading women’s brands. Ranging from Smith Optics’ impressive lens technology to Maui Jim’s vibrant and colorful lenses, there’s a brand to suit every woman’s unique style.


Buy New Shades at Hagan Coastal Outfitters

Our vast sunglasses selection caters to all fashion senses and individual preferences. With quality brands in stock and friendly customer service, we’re here to help. Whatever your desired shape or functional requirement, we have the perfect pair for you!

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