Nowadays, people are looking for more accessible and affordable ways to get out on the water and fish. Believe it or not, using a kayak is one of the best ways to do just that, and it also provides a number of other notable benefits. Kayak fishing has become a widely popular sport as a great alternative to the various limitations of powered boats. Kayaks allow you to really get up close with nature in both freshwater and saltwater areas, especially the shallow areas, throughout the First Coast. Anglers get to enjoy a range of locations and conditions, allowing for the widest varieties of species to fish.

With the Intracoastal marshes and smaller rivers, inland springs, and of course the ocean, Northeast Florida makes for an ideal kayak fishing destination. Plus, Florida provides excellent fishing conditions year-round for many different species of fish. Weather permitting, you can kayak fish practically every day of the year!

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Why Should I Try Kayak Fishing?

1. Kayak Fishing Allows Easy Water Access

There is no doubt that many anglers have passed by exclusive waterbodies wondering what kinds of fish may be under the surface, unable to explore it in a larger powered boats. One of the greatest benefits of kayak fishing is how kayaks are able to take you places that many larger boats cannot, opening a whole new world of fishing spots and finds. Kayak fishing puts anglers at the forefront of adventure by being able to fish in shallower waters that are inaccessible to boats.

Access to remote fishing areas could result in more fish, fewer fishermen, and an all-around more enjoyable and serene experience on the water. Even those who take their larger boats to certain locations can easily bring along their kayaks to access smaller channels!

2. Kayaks are Easier to Haul and Store

Those who are no strangers to fishing know that motorboats require a trailer and a vehicle that is large enough to tow it to your desired destination. Not to mention a yard or garage that has the capacity to store it. Depending on the type of kayak you decide to use, you can either tie it down on the top of your vehicle or even transport it in the trunk. Hagan Coastal Outfitters carries leading brands like Hobie, Crescent, and Old Town. Inflatable kayaks are also an incredibly convenient option for easy hauling and storing. Due to their smaller size in general, both inflatable and hard top kayaks are also easy to stow away when not in use.

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3. Kayak Fishing is Eco-Friendly

Kayaks require no gasoline and have no motor, leaving zero negative impact on the environment when you use one. Additionally, since they are completely human-powered, kayaks are unable to get up to the same speeds as motorboats that have been known to be damaging to shorelines and aquatic plants within and surrounding the water. By using a kayak to fish, you can rest assured knowing that you are also keeping the waterways healthy and thriving.

4. Kayaks are More Affordable than Powered Boats

Kayaks come with far fewer costs associated with their upkeep, repairs, and storage when compared to a boat. Owning a boat comes with extensive costs beyond just the initial purchase price, such as maintenance, boat insurance, and fuel. Kayaks give the opportunity to enjoy the sport of fishing at a more affordable scale than a fishing boat.

5. Kayaking is Great Exercise

Not only will kayak fishing get you to enjoy the outdoors, but it is also specifically great exercise – the best of both worlds. Kayaks are completely human-powered and require you to use your own strength to get where you want to go!

Jeff Lageman pedal drive kayak
Jeff Lageman catching a fish while kayaking

Former Jacksonville Jaguar DE, Outdoors Show Co-Host and HCO spokesman, Jeff Lageman is an avid kayak angler.

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